Getting started

PRPL requires a current or LTS version of Node.

The recommended way to get started with PRPL is to run the initializer in your terminal:

npx -y create-prpl@latest

The initializer (create-prpl) does the following things:

If you prefer not to run the initializer, feel free to either clone the basic example or review it and start your own project by following the structure.

Write your website

From here you can adapt your project to your liking. The structure of a PRPL site looks like this:

  └─ content
  └─ dist
  └─ src

The reason for this opinionated project structure is to achieve source-output alignment.

CLI commands

The basic bin commands used by PRPL are:

If you initialized your site with create-prpl, those commands are mapped to npm scripts:

Deploy your website

PRPL outputs static HTML files, so you can host your site wherever you like easily. A recommended solution is Firebase Hosting.

See the API reference next.