A home for some frequently asked questions.

Does PRPL work with X templating engine?

No, PRPL is focused entirely on HTML to minimize scope, have fewer dependencies, and encourage use of web standards for longevity.

You can however define your own template syntax via the templateRegex option.

Why does diffing happen in main instead of body?

Diffing within <main> instead of <body> allows part of the DOM to be persisted between page renders. This is useful if you want to persist elements like <script> or <nav>.

While it is opinionated in that the PRPL routing system expects there to be a main tag as a child of the body tag, it offers a great opportunity for better performance at runtime by keeping certain DOM elements from rerendering.

What content file types does PRPL support?

At present, markdown and HTML content files are supported.

Why this metadata format?

The metadata format uses the HTML comment syntax (e.g. <!-- Comment -->) because it is web standard. It is also convenient that HTML can be written alongside markdown in markdown files.

Why is PRPL regex-based instead of AST-based?

There are a few reasons for this:

See origin story next.